Lachina Robinson Net Worth

Lachina Robinson Net Worth: $1 Miilion

Who is Lachina Robinson?

Lachina Robinson is a renowned basketball commentator who works for major sports networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and FS South. In addition to her commentary work, she also works for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dreams, calls college basketball matches, and select WNBA matches for ESPN and NBATV. Lachina Robinson net worth is $1 Million and she born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1980, she is American-born and of African-American ancestry. With her height of 6’4″, Robinson made the decision to try basketball early in life, and went on to play four seasons at Wake Forest University, where she ranked third in blocks (77) and 15th in rebounds in school history (475).

The Early life

Following a brief dalliance with cheerleading, Robinson made the decision to try basketball. Her height of 6’4″ would undoubtedly be beneficial, but experience would also be required. When Robinson was in high school, he joined the AAU. She was given a scholarship to play four seasons at Wake Forest University thanks to her experience. Robinson participated in 112 games over her four-year career, 95 of which she started. Robinson went on to rank third in blocks (77) and 15th in rebounds in school history (475).

Lachina Robinson Family

Lynette Hart Robinson and Hillary Powell, LaChina’s parents, were there at her birth in Boston, Massachusetts. Sadly, when she was little, her parents split up. She and her mother relocated to Alexandria, Virginia, following the divorce. She nevertheless kept in touch with her father. She has frequently claimed that her father is both one of her closest friends and biggest supporters. Following their divorce, her parents made a commitment to rekindle their romance. LaChina has 15 siblings total, born into various partnerships with her parents. LaChina has close relationships with her stepmother and her half-siblings in addition to her parents.

Married life

The 41-year-old sports analyst has been reticent to discuss her love life. She has not made it known in the public that she is dating anyone or married. LaChina has not given many details about her present love life, but numerous sources have confirmed that she has not yet wed. The ESPN host is totally devoted to her work right now.


LaChina Robinson has consistently received the greatest treatment and high marks since she was a young child. LaChina Robinson began attending high school when she was 16 years old. Following graduation from high school, LaChina Robinson earned a bachelor’s degree from a public US state institution.


LaChina worked as an intern with the administration division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) after graduating. She served in a variety of capacities with the Georgia Tech women’s basketball team while she was a member of the ACC, including head coach, special assistant, and administration. She had been employed for almost seven years when she received an unexpected request to assume the duties of a radio analyst. She shifted professional choices after finding broadcasting to be enjoyable right away. LaChina began her broadcasting career in 2008 after almost a year of networking. The 41-year-old also served as the colour analyst for Atlanta Dream’s WNBA team off the court.

After joining ESPN in 2009 as a reporter and analyst for college basketball, LaChina saw a breakthrough in her career. Since then, she has been able to considerably advance her profession. As a women’s basketball pundit, she has worked for a number of media outlets, including Fox Sports, Big Ten Network, and NBA TV. LaChina has covered every story relating to women’s basketball in her capacity as a sports analyst, from the WNBA Draft to the WNBA All-Star Game. In 2016, LaChina began hosting the women’s basketball-focused podcast Around the Rim on the ESPNW network. In addition, she is a co-founder of Rising Media Stars, a mentoring organisation for sports broadcasters.

Physical States

Now, Let check out LaChina Robinson Height, Weight as well as Body Measuremnt as per below :

LaChina Robinson Height – 5 Foot 7 Inches

LaChina Robinson Weight – 66 KG

LaChina Robinson has a distinct physique with excellent body proportions and height. LaChina Robinson’s healthy weight is in line with her height.

Challenges and Success

Robinson, LaChina It was touch and go for a while as to whether or not we would even have a season, so first and foremost I give credit to our leadership at ESPN. And you should consider the several steps the WNBA had to take in order to choose a location and ensure that television production would be possible, starting first and foremost with health and safety. However, since there was a trickle-down effect, what should we do with television and how will we broadcast? There wasn’t much time to consider these options. Therefore, I give credit to our executive team and our coordinating producer, Sara Gaiero.

She determined that we would call the Bristol gaming studio. I’m not sure how much of that was impacted by what the league had on hand, or if ESPN’s determination to determine how they could present the best product was more important.

However, it was a decision-making process that I would have preferred to avoid. Health and safety are just the first of several levels of decision-making that go into that. What else can we do in terms of output, you know? All three of Rebecca Lobo, Pam Ward, and Ryan Ruocco reside in the Northeast, a short drive from our Bristol studios.

Holly Rowe had already decided she would stay within the bubble, which was a significant choice for the league as a whole as well as for ESPN’s coverage. The NBA was quite different from this. There wasn’t much media coverage of the WNBA in the bubble. Holly was actually the sole national reporter present, thus her perspective on events, her daily presence, and her knowledge of the WNBA were crucial to everyone who wanted to stay up to date.

Therefore, when it was decided to broadcast the games from Bristol, I reasoned that I would just fly back and forth when I had games, just like I would for any other game. A few events, though, brought about a change in that. First off, the games were pretty little. So the more we thought about it, the more we realised that switching between a lot of games would be a little challenging. However, because Georgia, where I live, had such high coronavirus rates, we were subject to Connecticut’s obligatory 14-day quarantine. During that time, there was nothing we could do but wait.

LaChina Robinson Net Worth

Due to her large social media fan base, LaChina Robinson makes a sizable income from them.Check out our 2021 LaChina Robinson Net Worth, Salary, and Updated Information below.LaChina Robinson’s estimated net worth in 2021 will range from $1 million to $5 million (Approx.)


Because of LaChina’s fame, many of her followers are curious about her romantic relationships. LaChina, on the other hand, has stayed mum on her love life. Nothing about dating or having a partner has been said by the WNBA commentator. Additionally, she doesn’t acknowledge being in a relationship on her social media platforms.

Interesting Facts About Lachina Robinson

1.LaChina is a basketball commentator who works for Fox Sports 1, FS South, and ESPN.

  1. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1980.
  2. LaChina has been quiet when it comes to discussing her love life.
  3. The WNBA analyst has made very few references to dating or having a lover.
  4. LaChina’s social media accounts do not even somewhat suggest that she is dating anyone.

Social Media Accounts of Lachina Robinson

LaChina Robinson has been able to gain significant attention over the past several weeks, in addition to a sizable social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with thousands of devoted fans.






F.A.Q about Lachina Robinson

Lachina Robinson was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lachina Robinson is 6’4″ tall.

Lachina Robinson is a basketball commentator for ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and FS South, and WNBA’s Atlanta Dreams.


: It is not publicly known if Lachina Robinson is married.

Her net worth is around $1 Million


Quick Facts




Lachina Robinson


Boston, Massachusetts


October 25th








Basketball commentator for ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and FS South, and WNBA’s Atlanta Dreams


Bachelor’s degree from a public US state institution

Marital Status