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Remi Warren is a renowned hunter, explorer, and outdoor authority who was born in New Zealand, date to confirmed. Warren has a net worth of $2 million and is married to Danielle Warren.
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Who is Remi Warren?

Remi Warren is a renowned hunter, explorer, and outdoor authority who was born in New Zealand. He is currently 37 years old and stands at 6’2″ tall. Warren has a net worth of $2 million and is married to Danielle Warren.

He attended high school in New Zealand before moving to Montana where he worked as an outfitter and guide. Remi has also written for various hunting magazines, co-hosted the TV show Solo Hunters, and hosts the podcast Cutting The Distance. His YouTube channel has over 34K subscribers and he makes between $81-$1.3K per month from it. Warren’s passion for hunting has led him to many successful adventures, including his Afognak Bear Attack experience which he discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Quick Facts

Name  Remi Warren
Date of Birth  Unknown
Place of Birth  New Zealand
Age in 2023  40
Profession  Hunter, Explorer, Outdoor Authority, TV Host, Naturalist, Guide, Writer
Wife/Husband  Danielle Warren
Net Worth  $2 million
Height  Unknown

The Early life

Along with his brothers Ryan Warren and Jason Warren, the hunter was born and raised in New Zealand. Remi learned how to hunt when he was a little child and went hunting with his father and brothers.Remi Warren, a native of Nevada, has been learning about the mountains’ wildlife since he was a young child. He had always pushed himself to pick up new abilities, frequently by experimenting.The meat eater grew up with his brothers Ryan and Jason Warren. With his father and brothers, Remi went on hunting expeditions as a child while also learning how to hunt.

Warren and his siblings were reared hunting in the mountains, which gave them a thirst for exploration and tracking. Unsurprisingly, Remi Warren’s siblings are all hunters.Warren’s family, especially his father, still spends time together and goes on hunting trips. Additionally, the hunter looks up to his parents, siblings, and grandparents as outstanding examples of grit, altruism, and unwavering character—all of which are uncommon in contemporary civilization.

Remi Warren was encouraged to keep pushing himself by his family and parents. As a result of Remi’s fame, Remi’s parents, on the other hand, have opted to maintain their anonymity and lead a calm, peaceful life away from the spotlight. Warren moved to Montana after finishing high school, where he lived in a tent and went hunting with his grandfather. Additionally, he missed the spring and summer semesters of college.

Married life

Remi Warren’s wife, Danielle Warren, has gained notoriety as a result of her husband’s fame. On the other side, Danielle has done a great job of avoiding the situation. In order to maintain complete anonymity, Warren’s wife has gone so far as to delete or deactivate all of her social media accounts.However, the hunter has occasionally discussed his friend with the media. The day Remi saved his wife from being lost on a trek, in his opinion, was both the happiest and worst day of his life. However, the couple wasn’t together at the time.

Although the two were dating before to the occasion, their relationship ended when their occupations interfered with it.

Despite this, the couple immediately realised their feelings were sincere and made the decision to get back together. On April 4, 2018, Warren wed his fiancee in a symbolic stone chapel in New Zealand.Both Remi and Danielle are enthusiastic hunters who still go on hunts and adventures today. The hunter enjoys taking his wife along on his adventures since he views her as his greatest source of inspiration. For the moment, the married pair seemed to be having a great time together. The pair additionally just brought a daughter into the world.


After graduating from high school, Remi started working in the outdoor industry. In the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, Warren launched the Montana OutWest Outfitters after paying a fair price for his granddad’s furniture company. When he was 22 years old, he also obtained the supplier’s permit. The supplier’s group successfully conducted open-land deer and elk pursuits.

Carrier Guide

In the Montana Bitterroot Valley, Warren created the Montana OutWest Outfitters after affordably purchasing his grandfather’s outfitting company. When he was 22 years old, he also obtained the outfitter’s licence.The outfitter’s business specialised on deer and elk hunts on public lands. Since then, he has expanded his business to New Zealand and Africa, where he hunts fallow deer, chamois, stag, and tahr with Outland Outfitters.

Prior to this, Warren served as the managing editor and designer for Real Hunting Magazine. Additionally, he has written pieces for a number of hunting periodicals. He also maintains a blog called Follow The Hunt.

Carrier  Host

Warren co-hosted the thrilling programme Solo Hunters on the Outdoor Channel. In Solo Hunters, he took on the parts of a hunter, cinematographer, producer, and explorer.He also hosted the Apex Predator series on Sportsman Channel. The uniqueness of a single animal served as the focus of the television series. Additionally, he presented a few episodes of Under Armour’s online series Ridge Reaper and appeared as a guest star on the TV programme MeatEater (2012-Present).

Remi Warren’s Podcast and YouTube

Remi enjoys sharing his trips, hunting exploits, advice, and strategies with the general public, much like many other wildlife hunters do. Warren, on the other hand, has embraced a much more contemporary method of imparting his knowledge and has taken time out of his hectic schedule to produce the Cutting The Distance podcast, while the majority of hunters choose to write books about their experiences.

The majority of Warren’s podcast is made up of fascinating tales about his hunts as well as advice and strategies for young hunters to use to live in the wild. He occasionally takes the time to respond to inquiries from his supporters.There are currently more than a hundred episodes of Cutting The Distance, and thousands of people listen to it. Remi Warren’s fortune is therefore increased by the money he makes from his podcast.Similar to this, Remi also has a YouTube channel where he shares his experiences with the public so they can learn more about what happens away from the cameras. The native of New Zealand, who has dedicated his entire life to hunting, has a substantial YouTube following with about 34K subscribers.

Here is a video that Remi made of him coming across a mule deer while using a traditional bow to hunt.However, the wildlife hunter makes a respectable sum of money from his YouTube channel in addition to gaining a following. The Social Blade estimates that Warren makes between $81 and $1.3K each month and $968 to $15.5K annually from his channel.

However, the hunter will undoubtedly attract a lot more viewers and subscribers to his channel over time. And who knows, he might someday earn millions just from his channel.Bassmasters Dustin Connell, Otto DeFoe, and Gerald Swindle are a few more outdoor enthusiasts who have also made a good living through YouTube.

Podcast ‘Cutting The Distance

Presently, Warren is the host of the podcast programme Cutting The Distance. On July 30, 2019, the first episode began airing. The programme has broadcast more than a hundred episodes as of December 2021. In the programme, Warren shares his wisdom and experience with his listeners and offers advice and instruction for those who want to become hunters.Popular streaming services including Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, and iHeart carry his podcast Cutting The Distance.

The Afognak Bear Attack

The MeatEater film crew visited Afognak Island in Alaska in October 2017 to document an elk hunt. There were numerous people on the crew, including Warren, Steven Rinella, and Janis Putelis. Massive brown bears and Roosevelt elk can be found on the Afognak Island. Despite facing difficult circumstances, the hunt was successful.

The squad decided to take a break for lunch after a long trek before packing their luggage and returning to camp. Each person had a firearm, a bear repellent, or bear spray. However, their packaging contained deterrents.Each man was placed away from their equipment, near another man’s pack, while the sandwiches and coffee were being made. Then, as they huddled together, eating their supper, an 11-foot brown bear charged out of the bushes surrounding them.

Every person responded to and experienced the scenario differently. Warren used a “football juke move” as Janis used a trekking stick to tackle the bear.Fortunately, no one was seriously harmed, but the effects were felt for a long time. In episodes 86 and 87 of his podcast Cutting The Distance, as well as on episode 1060 of The Joe Rogan Experience, which he attended as a guest, Warren discussed the experience.

Challenges and Success

Remi Warren moved to Montana after finishing high school, when he ran with a guide who asked him if he’d be interested in talking to an outfitter about working with them. After agreeing to speak with the outfitter, Remi was hired as a guide and stayed there for a while.

Remi Warren must have received a favourable contract for his services. But during his college years, the man who had acquired Warren’s grandfather’s outfitting business in 1980 contacted him after learning Remi was considering switching to another outfitter. Later, he paid Remi the same amount upon selling the business to his grandpa in 1980. As a result, the hunter acquired Montana Outwest Outfitters after finishing college.

On occasion, Remi posts pictures to his social media accounts with clients while they are out exploring the outdoors. As a result, Remi Warren’s income from Montana Outwest Outfitters is undoubtedly included in his total net worth.Warren is a writer and field editor for Western Hunter Magazine as well. He shares hunting techniques and tactics in his writings, along with the lessons he’s discovered over the years. Among Remi Warren’s best-known works are Top 5 Most Underrated Gear Items, Master the Art of Self-Filming, To Build A Fire, The Art of Elk War, and numerous others.

Remi Warren Net Worth

Remi Warren has dedicated the most of his life to living out his passion of becoming an explorer and wildlife hunter. He has received several opportunities and options throughout his career, many of which have been quite beneficial to him. Remi Warren’s income as a hunter accounts for the majority of his wealth. His estimated $2 million net worth. began much later, and before opting to pursue a career as a wildlife hunter, he worked in a number of occupations. As a result, in addition to his wealth from hunting, Warren also has money from side businesses he ran while working. Find out more about the meat eater Steven Rinella’s wealth.

Interesting Facts About Remi Warren

  1. Remi Warren likes to make his own snacks, such as pork sticks, jerky, and dried fruit.
  2. Warren is an excellent hunter as well as a skilled photographer.
  3. Remi enjoys cooking and posts the recipes for his creations on Instagram.

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