PFT Commenter Net Worth: How Rich is PFT?

PFT Commenter's current Net Worth is estimated to be around $2-3 million
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Who is PFT Commenter and What is His Net Worth?

PFT Commenter, whose real name is Eric Sollenberger, is an American blogger, sportswriter, and podcaster. He is renowned as the co-host of the sports podcast “Pardon My Take”. The buzz around PFT Commenter’s net worth has been making rounds on the internet, with estimates suggesting figures around $2 million.

Bio Information:

Attribute Information
Real Name Eric Sollenberger
Profession Blogger, Sportswriter, Podcaster
Date of Birth [Data Missing]
Nationality American
Spouse [Data Missing]
Best Known For Co-hosting “Pardon My Take” podcast
Net Worth Estimate $2-3 million (as of September 2021)

Education and Career:

PFT Commenter has been a recognizable face in the sports sector for his coverage of the National Football League (NFL) and United States politics for Barstool Sports. Before reaching Barstool, he also lent his talents to sports websites such as SBNation and Kissing Suzy Kolber.

What really propelled PFT Commenter into the limelight was his unique character, a persona that mimics the hot takes and macho posturing often seen from other sports personalities. He first showcased this persona on ProFootballTalk.com through his comments and then transitioned to Twitter in 2012. By 2016, he took his talents to Barstool Sports and began co-hosting “Pardon My Take” with Dan Katz.

PFT Commenter’s Net Worth and Contributing Factors:

  • Net Worth Estimates: PFT Commenter’s net worth stands between $2 million to $3 million as of September 2021. While there’s some discrepancy among sources, this range is the most commonly accepted figure.
  • Career Highlights: At Barstool Sports, PFT covers NFL and US politics, which undoubtedly adds to his financial worth.
  • Podcast: The podcast “Pardon My Take” with Dan Katz is a significant contribution to his earnings.
  • Other Ventures: Beyond the sports realm, he has penned a short series called “Dang! That’s Meth’d Up” and even ran his own website, StrongTakes.com.
  • Reddit Claims: There have been unverified claims on Reddit suggesting PFT Commenter earns around $200,000 per episode of “Pardon My Take”. However, these numbers should be approached with skepticism.


  1. Who is PFT Commenter?

    • PFT Commenter is the pseudonym of Eric Sollenberger, an American blogger, sportswriter, and podcaster.
  2. What is PFT Commenter’s real name?

    • His real name is Eric Sollenberger.
  3. What is the estimated net worth of PFT Commenter?

    • His net worth is estimated to be between $2 million to $3 million as of September 2021.
  4. What is “Pardon My Take”?

    • “Pardon My Take” is a sports podcast co-hosted by PFT Commenter and Dan Katz.
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