Elizabeth Tilson: Net Worth, Inheritance from Roger Ailes & Personal Journey

Elizabeth Tilson's current Net Worth is approximately $5 million US dollars.
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Who is Elizabeth Tilson and what is her net worth?

Elizabeth Tilson is a seasoned journalist and the widow of Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News. Over the years, speculations surrounding Elizabeth Tilson’s net worth have been varied, with estimates ranging from $3.3 million to a whopping $100 million. As of July 2023, her net worth stands at approximately $5 million US dollars, mainly credited to the inheritance from her late husband’s significant fortune.

Elizabeth Tilson: At A Glance

Attribute Information
Full Name Elizabeth Tilson
Profession Journalist
Date of Birth December 1960
Nationality American
Spouse Roger Ailes (deceased)
Current Net Worth Approximately $5 million US dollars

Education and Career

  • Elizabeth Tilson’s profession is journalism, though in-depth details regarding her educational background and professional milestones remain largely undisclosed.
  • Despite the lack of comprehensive data about her earnings or career trajectory, it’s evident that her financial status saw a significant boost following the inheritance she received from her late husband.

Elizabeth Tilson’s Net Worth and Contributing Factors

  • Elizabeth’s estimated net worth ranges vastly between $3.3 million to $100 million, based on different sources.
  • The primary source of her wealth comes from the inheritance of her late husband, Roger Ailes, who, at the time of his demise, boasted a net worth in excess of $100 million.
  • 2020 was a pivotal year in Elizabeth Tilson’s financial journey, as her fortune took a sharp turn upwards post inheriting her husband’s wealth.
  • Outside of her inheritance, specific details about her earnings or assets have not been widely documented or reported.


  1. Who was Elizabeth Tilson’s husband?

    • Elizabeth was married to Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News.
  2. How did Elizabeth Tilson accumulate her wealth?

    • A significant portion of her net worth comes from the inheritance she gained after the death of her husband, Roger Ailes.
  3. What is her current net worth?

    • As of July 2023, Elizabeth Tilson’s net worth is around $5 million US dollars.

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