What is Anil Singhvi’s Net Worth? A Comprehensive Look

Anil Singhvi's current Net Worth is estimated to be between Rs. 7 crores to Rs. 90 crores.
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Who is Anil Singhvi and What is His Net Worth?

Anil Singhvi, the renowned journalist and Managing Editor of Zee Business, has long been a cornerstone in the business journalism industry. His decades-long journey in the sector has made many wonder, “What is his net worth?”.

Bio Information:

Attribute Information
Profession Journalist, Managing Editor of Zee Business
Date of Birth [Data not available]
Nationality Indian
Spouse [Data not available]
Monthly Salary Rs. 5 lakhs
Estimated Net Worth Rs. 7-90 crores in Indian rupees

Education and Career

Anil Singhvi’s journey into journalism is nothing short of exemplary. Over the years, he has not only acquired vast knowledge in business news but has also played an integral role in shaping its landscape. While specifics about his educational background might be sparse, his accomplishments in the journalism realm speak volumes.

Singhvi’s tenure as the Managing Editor of Zee Business has solidified his position as one of the industry’s most esteemed figures. His contributions have uplifted the platform, offering viewers in-depth analyses, accurate reporting, and a comprehensive overview of the business world.

Anil Singhvi’s Net Worth and Contributing Factors

  • Consistent Salary: With a consistent monthly paycheck of Rs. 5 lakhs, Singhvi’s annual income from Zee Business alone is a noteworthy sum.
  • Lengthy Career: Being in the industry for several years allows professionals like Singhvi to amass a significant amount of wealth, which contributes significantly to their overall net worth.
  • Brand Collaborations and Guest Appearances: Popular figures in journalism often get invited to speak at events, participate in seminars, or even endorse brands. These additional revenue streams, although not explicitly mentioned, could contribute to Singhvi’s net worth.
  • Recognition and Awards: Acknowledgments and awards often come with monetary benefits, adding to one’s overall wealth.

Considering these factors and the data obtained from various sources, Anil Singhvi’s net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 7 crores to Rs. 90 crores in Indian rupees.


  1. Who is Anil Singhvi?

    • Anil Singhvi is a seasoned journalist and the Managing Editor of Zee Business.
  2. What is Anil Singhvi’s monthly salary?

    • He has a reported monthly salary of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  3. What is the estimated net worth of Anil Singhvi?

    • Anil Singhvi’s net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 7 crores to Rs. 90 crores in Indian rupees.

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